About Tourists | Ten Reasons to visit Taiwan you may not know


Independent bookstore

DearDeer travel bookstore is an independent bookstore, runs by two travel enthusiasts, Eva and Lulu. Since 2017, they were fond of meeting up more overseas travelers in Taipei so started to host couch surfing guest(s) at their bookstore. Meanwhile, also invited guest(s) to introduce their country or to share their traveling stories to audiences. Up to date, Eva and Lulu host 50 times of couch surfing guest. (more info, click here )

Facebook fan page

Followed its fan page of facebook, I could tell how these cough surfers enjoyed their staying at bookstore. Forgot to mention earlier, DearDeer is the neighbor of my office so I knew Eva and Lulu since the early days of its opening. The more I followed their posts, the more interests on the experience of couch suffering host.

Conversazione with Lulu and Melody

May I introduce Melody (left on photo below), my 14-year-old niece, whom is interested to learn the subject of applied foreign language. I have her to join my appointment with Lulu (right on photo below). Our small talk is about "Ten reasons of a foreigner visiting Taiwan" upon Lulu's hosting experience.