Jioufen。九份 | A Mining Village nearby Taipei



吉客鏈:水金九地景 X 夜。九份 X 十三層遺址 X 煤礦史蹟


Jioufen located on the north coast of Taiwan, is a mountain village in New Taipei City. My first visit was about 30 years ago and the latest was last October.

Past and Now

Jioufen became a highly recommended tourist attraction in after the documentary 'A City of Sadness' was released in 1989. The movie director caught the sense of 'sadness' significantly. Jioufen became a heritage location for the gold/coal mining with many preserved various historical features. (For further info see WIKI, click here.)

The B/W and night photographs murmur the sadness and the authentic mining industry. I attempted to feel Jioufen in B/W vibe last October during a visit with my sister and her family. An over night stay at a guest house, gave us a chance to see the early morning and night view of Jioufen.

North Coast Line of Taiwan, taken from Jioufen. (Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

Mountain community in Jioufen (Photo Credit | Chi Hsu & Michelle Hsu)