Kaohsiung Tenement Tour | 左營古厝散策(2/2)


吉客鏈:先民生活史 X 遊逛歷史現場


Kaohsiung Tenement Tour (Part 2) continued. Clicks here for Part 1.

A Reader comments

Part 1 of the Kaohsiung Tenement Tour travelogue shared couple days ago garnered the comments from Eric Hsu:

  • It might be rough and unplanned, but the expansion of the settlements did follow certain orders: family and landscape. Close family members might live near to each other even when they had to leave their parents' house and build their own. Also, most of the old houses were built facing the Lotus Pond and leaving lanes in-between houses, just like a comb. However, since the "planned" roads ripped through the old settlements and new buildings were erected according to the new roads, the whole streetscapes has gone chaotic.