• Chi Hsu

North Taiwan's River Heritage - Daxi


吉客鏈:19 世紀北台灣發展 X 水運時代 X 大溪先民開墾文史


You may know of the Thames River's historical importance for London, the Hudson River and New York, the Mississippi River and New Orleans, but you probably do not know the river that helped early Taipei's commercial activities.

(Little ones enjoyed the historical story.)

Even as a Taipei resident, it took me a while to figure it out because the riverfront scenery isn't easy to see from streets. The modern urban regeneration has built the breakwater wall to protect the foundation of city infrastructure and buildings. Four years ago (2018), I took my family to attend a Bangka's walking tour to know Taipei's past better. The guide pointed to a distant wall at the end of the street and said there were many boats (behind the wall) on the river for trading........ we were all astonished.

The Rivers - Tamsui River and Dahan River